5 Dangers of Water Damage

Mold & Mildew

You probably guessed that this would make the top 5 list. Water damage contributes to the growth of mold and mildew in your home. As you may know, mold can cause breathing problems & more health issues for you and your family. Mold especially affects people who have allergies, asthma, and other respiratory diseases. Something that seems insignificant, such as a small leak, only needs 48 hours to grow mold.

This issue can be solved easily. We will dry out and clean up the water damage, all while keeping an eye out for mold. Should we find any signs of mold, we will have a conversation with you about the best ways we can take care of the problem. Call us for our commercial and residential water damage services.

Structural Problems

Severe water damage can weaken your home’s structural stability. Your roof, walls, floors, & even your home’s foundation can be affected by the damages left behind from water. Avoid permanent damage in your home by hiring us to:

  • Locate the source of water damages.
  • Determine the total areas affected.
  • Remove water quickly & efficiently.
  • Dry all affected areas.

After the water mitigation is complete, we can also provide our specialty services: build-back & restoration.

If the integrity of your home’s structure has been compromised, we will work with a building inspector who can determine what repairs must be made to be sure that your home is safe to enter.

Electrical Problems

Water can easily damage the wiring throughout your home. This can lead to blown fuses, damaged electrical appliances, or -in worst-case-scenarios- fires or electrocution. Be assured that after we have performed water damage clean-up, a licensed electrician will arrive to inspect & -if needed- replace your home’s wiring.

Pro tip: Label the switches in your breaker box (or fuse box). Shut off the electricity in your home to avoid injuries if your home is flooded.

Bacteria, Germs & Parasites

Depending on the source of the water damages, your home can be infected with bacteria, germs, and parasites. This is a common problem when homeowners experience sewage backup damages. This disaster definitely calls for professional services. If you fail to clean up efficiently, you & your family are at risk of developing illnesses such as hepatitis. The value of your home or property would also diminish as a result of insufficient clean up after a water loss.


If the source of water in your home originated from outside, many things including hazardous chemicals could have entered your home in the waters damaging your house. Waters that have flooded your basement could also intermingle with household chemicals, creating a chemical-contaminated area. Play it safe and call us to professionally & safely clean your home or business.