7 Reason You Chose the Right Restoration Company

Responds Immediately When a Disaster Strikes

Did your restoration company respond as soon as possible when a disaster struck your home or business? Its important when you have a disaster for the company you hire to respond immediately and jump straight into action. At Able not only do we have someone to always answer your calls 24/7/365 but we will have a truck to your home or business as soon as possible in an emergency.

Employs Licensed, Insured and Well-Trained Teams

When researching and talking to restoration companies make sure to ask the right questions. For instance, do they have the proper licenses, is the company and its employees insured and what kind of training they offer their employees and how they stay up to date. We make sure our teams are always licensed, insured and properly trained before we sent them to any clients’ home. We have a training system which has the most up-to-date training available. Our best in class training strategy gives you the best experience when working with us.

Reputable Local References

Are you working with a restoration recommended by a neighbor, friend or family member? Then you could very well be working with the best possible company they know. We think it is important to always leave a client with more then they were expecting. While we might not know your friends and families’ directly, we have a lot of former clients who have nothing but nice things to say about us.

Offers a Detailed Plan for Damage Repairs

It’s not enough for a restoration company to just mitigate the damage and move on. A good restoration company will show you the what they plan to do and the steps it will follow. We want to make sure that not only will we repair and cleanup the damaged area but that we will also work with you to provide a better area then before the disaster.

Knows How to Navigate the Insurance Claims Process

When dealing with a major loss due to fire, flood or mold often times your first call will be to your insurance agency to start the process of a claim. It is important that restoration companies know how to work with insurance companies in a professional manner so that you don’t have to be the middle man. We have worked with all kinds of insurances and make it our priority to take the headaches out of dealing with insurance.

Use the Latest State-of-the-Art Equipment and Techniques

After you have a disaster the last thing you want to remember is that you had something like that happen. When working with a restoration company if they aren’t using the most up-to-date equipment and techniques you can guarantee that there will be remnants of the flood of fire around. Not properly cleaning or drying the areas could lead to an odor of smoke or mold from leftover water. Not only do we have the best equipment in the industry but we own that equipment which means it is ready to go as soon as we get the call.

Treat You, Your Home and Its Contents with Respect

Your home has just been hit by a disaster which means you need a restoration company to come in and fix it, even though this may be the case this doesn’t mean there should be a lack of respect for the rest of your home or business and the contents. We will always respect our client and their property. When we leave you will be left with a better then new home and no trace we were there.