COVID-19 Disinfection in Massachusetts: Best Practices of an Industry Leader

Since the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic Able has been working closely with an industry giant in the automotive sales and service business. We have partnered with them to disinfect their showrooms and service areas before they started to re-open, and continued since they have resumed welcoming customers into their buildings.

With nearly 35 locations in MA our client has a high-end clientele and a high demand for our help – they’re the best at what they do because they take care of their employees and customers; hiring Able to routinely (and properly) disinfect their Chambers dealerships is more proof of that.

In order to provide peace of mind and insure the facilities are cleaned and disinfected, these dealerships continue to take that extra step to give their customers and employees a feeling of safety when visiting any of their locations. We leave our notice of disinfection stating that the property has been disinfected by the leading professionals in the bio-hazard remediation industry.

What can we do for you – how can we augment your routine cleaning and truly provide the mandatory disinfection necessary to operate safely in the COVID-19 era?

We have worked with many clients, with different requirements – all who have all been grateful for our fast and cost-effective services.

COVID -19 Disinfection Services Customers & Clients served:

  • Property Management Offices / Properties
  • Automobile Dealerships – Show Floor and Service Areas
  • Hospitals and Hospital Managed Hotels
  • Municipal Buildings (Police &Fire)
  • Housing Authority Properties
  • Commercial and Residential Properties

Able has multiple disinfection protocols available to fulfill any need in a cost effective manner.

We use several proven EPA Registered Disinfectants and can apply them via our Hand Wipe Down protocol of all surfaces or we can use our Electrostatic Machines to project a mist that is sprayed with a positively charged disinfectant to cling to the entire surface area of any object. We can disinfect the air with our Hydroxyl Generating Machines, killing any airborne pathogens and can operate with HEPA 500 machines to scrub the air while our crews disinfect.

ATP Clearance Testing is available for any customer who may require that clean bill of health documented by testing results.

If you are looking for advice and a fast and easy way to provide the comfort and confidence to anyone who visits your locations, Able will provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation estimate for any and all of our services.

Reach out today – we’re available 24/7/365.

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