Massachusetts Closes Non-Essential Businesses - Disinfect Now - Be ready to re-open.

Have you had to close your business due to Massachusetts' COVID-19 Non-Essential Shutdown? Thinking about doing a deep cleaning while your office is closed, but don’t know where to start - contact us for a no-cost estimate.

3/31/20 UPDATE: According to a correction made to their prior article, USA Today has now reported that novel COVID-19 RNA (genetic material) has been found living on surfaces for at least 2 weeks. While this seems like bad news keep in mind the article has been updated to reflect that this is not the virus living for 2 weeks, but rather the virus' genetic material (RNA) which has not been proven to cause a fomite infection.

The CDC reported findings of the RNA of the virus detected seventeen days after passengers vacated the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship. Covid-19 genetic material was found in cabins where passengers were both symptomatic as well as asymptomatic. The cabins that were examined were purposely not yet cleaned or disinfected, and show what not taking any preventative action can lead to.

According to the New England Jounal of Medicine the Covid-19 virus can remain viable on surfaces for nearly 80 hours.

Able has multiple protocols for cleaning and applying an EPA registered disinfectant at your commercial property. Think about all the surfaces in your building… filing cabinets, floors, walls, doors, door handles, tables, chairs, sinks, elevators, etc… the list is endless and we have protocols to properly handle all of them.

Let Able help you get ready to reopen your business in a timely matter. We can help with all of your disinfectant applications, deep cleaning, and preparation needs. Don’t put yourself or your employees at risk tackling this virus without proper techniques, let Able handle it.