What Does Biohazard Remediation Entail?

What Does Biohazard Remediation Entail?

At Able Construction, LLC we are a 24/7 emergency services company located in Boston, and it is our priority to help you with your restoration jobs. Whether you need virus disinfection or mold remediation services, we have you covered! We also offer biohazard remediation services to help keep your property clean and safe. We can help you with all of your remediation, restoration, and reconstruction services. Get your free estimate with us today!

person in a hazmat suit with a spray bottle

What Is Biohazard Remediation?

Biohazard remediation involves removing, cleaning, and disinfecting unsanitary and harmful substances after an event such as an accident. Our job at Able Construction, LLC is to thoroughly clean and sanitize the area where the accident occurred.

person in hazmat suit cleaning floor

How Does It Work?

Our process involves cleaning every square inch of the contaminated area to ensure it is disinfected properly. Although this is a risky job, our service professionals strive to use the best practices necessary to ensure your safety.

sewage pipe leaking in a facility

When Do I Need It?

Biohazard remediation is often needed after sewage leaks, rodent infections, and more that have occurred at your property. We offer full communication to our customers to make sure that they know exactly how the process will work for their biohazard remediation service.

person in hazmat suit wiping floor down with a sponge

Why Choose Us?

Our team is committed to your emergency service needs, and we supply the proper equipment and techniques to clean up your space. Moreover, our mission is to keep you safe, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

At Able Construction, LLC our team of skilled individuals can handle your biohazard remediation service needs. Whether you have a sewage leak or a rodent infection, we have you covered! We respond fast, provide exceptional customer service, and are leaders in remediation, restoration, and reconstruction services. Contact us today to learn more!