Why You Need an Energy Assessment This Spring

Spring is finally here and we’re beginning to see the world slowly come back to life. Like many homeowners, you’re probably feeling reenergized. Taking advantage of more time outdoors is great, but you’re also likely starting some projects around the house.

Everyone has their own list, with projects varying from simply decluttering and deep cleaning to giving the entire yard a complete overhaul. Regardless of whatever items are already on your list, one thing you should add to it is a home energy assessment.

Spring is the Perfect Time for a Home Energy Assessment

An energy assessment is an assessment of your home’s energy efficiency. The experts at Able Home Performance will conduct a thorough investigation of your home to locate areas of inefficiency.

When we know where things like air leaks and spots with inadequate insulation are, we’ll be able to recommend specific upgrades. Our comprehensive report following an energy assessment will detail unique improvements that when implemented will increase your home’s comfort, health, and energy efficiency.

Since the weather is finally warmer and you’re not heating your home, but still not turning on the air conditioner, now is the ideal moment to address concerns with energy efficiency and comfort. Many homeowners don’t realize just how much of an impact an energy assessment and the subsequent improvements can make. However, if your home was too cold this past winter or your energy bills were through the roof, making changes now will help to ensure the summer and each season after is more comfortable and affordable.

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