Cleaning Vs Disinfecting

It is important to keep your home or business clean and safe during this pandemic. However, do you understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting? These two practices are very different but it is important they are practiced in tandem.

What is cleaning?

Cleaning is the process of physically removing germs, dirt, and other impurities from the surface areas. To accomplish this, it is important to use all-purpose cleaning agents and a microfiber cloth or terry rag to lift away the soil.

This is the best practice for cleaning your surfaces and removing soil form high touch surfaces. However it is important to realize that cleaning only REMOVES germs from the surface it does not kill them. To kill the organisms left behind a disinfectant must be applied.

What is disinfecting?

Disinfecting kills germs but does not clean soil from the surfaces. Disinfectants need to be used after cleaning agents because they cannot break through soils on surfaces. To kill germs disinfectants usually contain any of the three following chemicals; quaternary ammonium chloride (QUATS), peroxide (Hydrogen-Peroxide based), or hypochlorite (bleached based).

Disinfectants kill 100% of the germs listed by the manufacturer when used properly. While it is in important to disinfect after cleaning you always need to remember to use the right products for the germs you are trying to kill.

What we do

We have many processes for cleaning homes and businesses depending on the situation. The core of our processes will always be to clean then disinfect to ensure maximum effectiveness. To learn more about our processes follow this link.

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